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Here’s a brief history of who I am and why we should be friends. I’m a freelance artist who spent half my primitive years in Oregon and the other half in Mississippi. This split background is precisely the reason why I failed to pick up the tell-tale “Southern” twang. I grew up surrounded by successful white collar parents, who graciously encouraged their child’s little doodles and encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

After graduating from high school, I embraced my Southern side and become the fourth generation student to attend Mississippi State University (on my mother’s side). While at school, I dabbled in several majors until I finally settled on fine arts with an emphasis on drawing. I loved everything about it  – the stories, the details, the colors, the movement. I had a wonderful time. During my senior year, I illustrated a series of architectural drawings for the MSU Alumni Foundation; was featured on the MSU “Our People, Our Future” web page; and had the special honor of being asked to showcase my work in a solo show sponsored by the University. It was the first time a student had been asked to have a solo show and I was immensely flattered.

After graduating, I moved to Nashville where I continue to do freelance illustration for anyone that needs it. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in commissioning a painting, or if you’d simply like to say hello.

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