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Molly Whuppie (web – Thumbnail)

Molly Whuppie

Molly Whuppie

Illustration submission for a children’s book Georgia Regents University is working on. It’s open entry and all applicants are asked to submit one illustration for the story below.

– Molly Whuppie –
Molly and her two beautiful sisters were abandoned by their parents in the woods. Molly used her wits to save her sisters from a troll. The king of the land praised Molly’s bravery and married the three sisters off to his three sons. Everyone lived happily ever after.

This illustration is from the first scene in the story where the girls’ parents abandon them out in the woods leaving them only three biscuits to live on (classic start to a fairy tale, right?). The eldest sister is described as having lovely hair and a beautiful face, the middle sister a graceful neck and a beautiful face, and Molly a beautiful heart and bravery. To represent these qualities in the painting, I chose to contrast Molly against her sisters by giving her shorter hair – spunk, and a firmer stance – bravery.

The illustration was submitted this morning and the finalist should be chosen by the end of next week.

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