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The Week of the Panda and Michael Griffin

Welcome back, everyone! The past two weeks have been crazy! Rainy, sunny, up, down…Just the type of weather that keeps you on your toes! To catch you up to speed, last week I finished that super romantic, super SECRET project that will make you grin from ear to ear when you hear about it. However, the recipient…

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A Windy Day / Bob Dylan

Friday Greetings! This week, I’m excited to unveil “A Windy Day.” The final piece for the show at Two Moon Gallery opening in September. It’s 15.25″ x 20″ – The frame was photoshopped in for this blog just because it looked cool. Art is such a wonderful way to get your thoughts together and out on paper.…

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The Lion and the Mouse / Bay Bridge Lights

This is it. This is the final illustration for GRU. We’ve reached the end of the chapter. The Lion and the Mouse was turned in this week with the art director’s approval and raving enthusiasm. I can hardly believe it’s over. Getting the chance to create something special, to splash my paints around and tell a story. Amazing! And…

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