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House Portrait: Step-by-Step

Welcome Everyone! Please take your seats and get comfortable because this week’s blog is a TUTORIAL brought to you by special request. Just follow along and in five easy steps you can paint too. 🙂 Step One: REFERENCE PHOTO First, choose a main photo to be used as your reference photo for the rest of the painting.…

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House Portrait / Stacked Boxes / Ladies’ Day

It’s Friday again and I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! It’s been another busy week over here. My handsome husband and I had the opportunity to fly out to San Francisco, see the countryside and feel the cool breeze off the Pacific. Exhilarating! Before we left, I finished up the house portrait you…

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House Portrait

KEEP UP! This blog is rapidly falling behind into a bi-weekly slow trot. Not because nothing’s happening, but because TOO MUCH has been happening to give this the proper attention it deserves. So, this week, we’re going to pump this page up with a shot of adrenaline and catch you up to speed in one mad dash!…

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