A Windy Day / Bob Dylan

Friday Greetings!

This week, I’m excited to unveil “A Windy Day.” The final piece for the show at Two Moon Gallery opening in September.

A Windy Day (Framed)

It’s 15.25″ x 20″ – The frame was photoshopped in for this blog just because it looked cool.

Art is such a wonderful way to get your thoughts together and out on paper. Every time I sat down to work on this piece a memory would come to mind that brought a smile to my face. And as soon as that memory was properly out a new one would pop up. It just kept going and going until this piece grew into this little playful community of thoughts and memories.

There’s my brother’s dog, Shadowfax, the yellow lab on the grass, named after Gandolf’s horse in LOTR (naturally).

A Windy Day (3)

Then there’s the Frisbee boy in honor of two of our friends’ penchant for disc golf. And that’s my husband over there by the ocean looking out longingly, ready to get in the water. And there’s my mother’s Saint Bernard playing the role of Don Quixote’s horse.

A Windy Day (1)

And then we can’t forget the tulips everywhere. My grandparents insisted tulips be included (because it’s a windmill, and windmills are from Holland, and Holland is famous for its tulips…you get the picture). In the end, it’s a fun conglomeration of thoughts that I hope will blow out the cobwebs and shine a little light on your day. Enjoy!

*The original will be shown at the Two Moon Gallery exhibit in September, but large prints will be available in the next couple of weeks. Shoot me an email if you’re interested. Until then, small prints are available on my Etsy shop.



Bob Dylan, one of the greatest and most influential musicians of our time is also an artist. (Say, whaaat?) 12 of his pastel portraits will be exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London opening August 24, 2013. Two are below. Click here to read the full article. 

Bob Dylan Face Value

Bob Dylan is the man! This officially marks the second time he’s been a hero in my life.

1) Bob Dylan is a dabbler. He doesn’t limit himself to one solitary thing and neither should you.

2) He’s very observant – Eyes in the middle of the face where they should be, nose properly positioned, etc…

3) He tends to give his portraits one black eye–odd.

Most of his other work shows places he saw on tour–train tracks, hotel lobbies, architecture. All of them drawn from that special perspective that makes you feel like you’re right there with him. Just having a regular ol’ conversation. Check out his other works here.


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