An MSU Watercolor Portrait

Hello Friends!

This week was the birthday week of Lauren Priddy, a girl with brains and beauty. She and her now-husband Matthew, met in their teenage years at Mississippi Governor’s School (basically a place for smart people); then went to Mississippi State University to pursue engineering degrees. She in biomedical engineering and he in mechanical engineering. They’re both very involved in MSU. She even cheered while she was there. After graduation, they had their engagement pictures taken in front of the beautiful Chapel of Memories (for those not familiar, the Chapel of Memories was built from the salvaged bricks of Old Main, one of the nations largest collegiate dormitories before it was destroyed by fire in 1959). Lauren and Matthew are now at Georgia Tech improving lives through their research.

This year, Matthew asked me to do a portrait of them to commemorate her birthday. Naturally we decided to do something MSU related. We took one of the photos from their engagement shoot and put them in maroon and white to make it fun and unique. The finished picture is below. Hope you enjoy!

Matthew and Lauren Priddy

If you have a watercolor portrait you would like painted send me an email. I’d love to work with you!

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