House Portrait

KEEP UP! This blog is rapidly falling behind into a bi-weekly slow trot. Not because nothing’s happening, but because TOO MUCH has been happening to give this the proper attention it deserves. So, this week, we’re going to pump this page up with a shot of adrenaline and catch you up to speed in one mad dash!


Last night was the opening of the “Griffin / Riesgo” show at Two Moon Gallery. There was such a good turn out and all of you made it so much fun! A special thanks to everyone who came by. I saw a lot of old friends and made some wonderful new ones. Everyone’s support was appreciated. You guys rock!

A lot of people raved that the windmill painting was their favorite. It was an unexpected treat to have a newcomer like that rise as the crowd favorite. Especially one that wasn’t a based on a treehouse. People talk about the two treehouse drawings so often it’s almost like I’ve been labeled the “treehouse girl.” (Not that I’m complaining – Treehouses are AWESOME!!!) It was just nice to have a new piece shine in the spotlight for a night.  🙂


A friend of mine, named Annie,  asked me to do a house portrait for someone special to her. Annie is such a beautiful ray of sunshine in my life that of course I wanted to help her. She smiles when people walk in the room and greets everyone around her by name. She’s a true neighborhood celebrity. I have never gone anywhere with her that people didn’t come up and tell her how much she means to them. This house portrait was a way for her to thank a couple who had done a lot for her. So, last week I gave her the sketch below. It was a pure delight to get the chance to participate in this sweet exchange between two very special people. Thanks Annie! 🙂

Annie Cochran


Here’s a quick teaser of the current house portrait in progress. It’s a cute little cottage tucked away in East Nashville. Love, love!

In progress

If you have a house that means a lot to you or to someone you know shoot me an email. Painting and drawing are truly some of my favorite activities and I’d love to work with you!

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