Children Praying

Watercolor Pet Portrait

Birmingham House Portrait

Watercolor Portrait of Richard and Amanda

Watercolor Home

Los Angeles Real Estate

Mother and Child Painting

Home Sweet Home

Tennessee Real Estate


First Lady Acres

In Memory: Painting of Stag and Fawn

El Camino Watercolor

Massachusetts Watercolor Portrait

Nashville Real Estate Gifts

Tennessee Home Watercolor

Mississippi Lakehouse Portrait

Nashville Portrait

Germantown Nashville Portrait

Smith Mountain Lake Portrait

Mississippi House Portrait

English Setter Portrait

Brentwood, TN Home Portrait

Pit Bull Painting

Watercolor Children’s Portrait

Nashville House Portrait

Watercolor Childrens Portrait

Utah House Portrait

Chicago, IL House Portrait

Nashville Real Estate

Patrick and Kitty Murphy

Nolensville, TN

Nashville Scene “Best of Nashville” Illustrations

Watercolor Art

Closing Gift Keller Williams

Nashville Watercolor Home

Watercolor Closing Gift

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Home Painting

Watercolor Lake

Thompson Station Watercolor Portrait

Closing Gift

Nashville Home Painting

Architectural Rendering

Watercolor Home Painting

Mangrums’ Watercolor Home Painting

University of Kentucky W.T. Young Library

Reynolds’ Home Painting

Old Hickory Home Painting

California Home Portrait

Los Angeles Home Portrait

Watercolor House Portrait – Earnests

Biersteker Home Painting

Broussard Home Painting

Jesus Calling Illustration

Dog Portrait Watercolor

North Carolina Home Portrait

“Mom-Mom’s” a Family Portrait in Watercolor

Watercolor Christmas Card

Watercolor Pet Portrait

Watercolor Baby Portrait – James

Zeitlin Home Portrait

Home Portrait Nashville

Nashville Home Portrait

Watercolor Home Portrait

Watercolor Home Portrait – Brentwood

House Portrait – Brentwood

Watercolor Horse Portrait

Watercolor House Portrait – Nashville

House Portrait – Franklin, TN

House Portrait – East Nashville

Father’s Day Portrait – Casselmans

House Portrait – Winchester, Ohio

House Portrait – Brentwood

House Portrait – East Nashville

House Portrait – Nashville, TN

House Portrait – My First Home

House Portrait – The Lakehouse

House Portrait – Our First Home

House Portrait – The Jacksons


House Portrait – Nancy Wild

House Portrait

Dog Portrait – Greyhound

Portrait of Nick Kollath and Tricia Moore

Portrait of Harper Lee Lott

House Portrait – The Cummings Family

House Portrait – The Casselmans

Dog Portrait

Christmas Card – Bully

Dog Portrait of a Chihuahua and a Papillon

House Portrait – The Mudds

House Portrait – The Zifferers

House Portrait – The Bratcher Family

House Portrait – Renfroe

Belle Meade Plantation

House Portrait – The Risers

House Portrait – The O’Connells

House Portrait – Debbie

Dog Portrait – Howie

House Portrait – The Probsts

Dog Portrait – Pepper

House Portrait – The Fosters

Dog Portrait – Autumn

Priddy Portrait

House Portrait – Willow Lake

House Portrait – The Caricofe Family

House Portrait – The Thomsons

Ericka Spann

House Portrait – The Staggs

Dog Portrait

Spann Family

House Portrait – The Murairas

Dog Portrait – Bonnie

House Portrait – The Kerrs

House Portrait

Viator Family

House Portrait

The Proposal


East Nashville


Backyard Battleground

Fall Break

A Windy Day

The Shack

The Library


Ascent of Unity