Watercolor Dog Portrait

You know those pets that are kindred spirits? The ones where you share the same passions and interests and there’s a special bond between you? This week’s painting is of Autumn, and she’s one of those dogs.

Autumn joined Lindsey Jenkin’s life when Lindsey first ventured out on her own and over the years they’ve bonded over their wonderful nurturing love towards animals. Every time I see Lindsey she has a funny new story of her animals and their daily antics. Her goat stories are seriously the best and Autumn is always right there beside her, lending a helping paw and a furry hug to make everyone feel welcome.

One day, Lindsey spied Autumn snuggling up next to a newborn goat and she snapped this photo. It’s so sweet and special and utterly PERFECT for the two of them that this scene has become one of my all time faves! 🙂

Autumn (web)

Lindsey and Autumn

Lindsey with her new watercolor dog portrait! 🙂

If you have a dog portrait you would like to commission send me an email! I’d love to work with you!

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