The Lion and the Mouse / Bay Bridge Lights

This is it. This is the final illustration for GRU. We’ve reached the end of the chapter.

The Lion and the Mouse was turned in this week with the art director’s approval and raving enthusiasm.

I can hardly believe it’s over. Getting the chance to create something special, to splash my paints around and tell a story. Amazing! And the chance to do it THREE times?! Well… that’s a divine blessing. Nothing tops living in your imagination and pretending you’re a kid, a spider, a lion, or whatever else. I can’t wait to get started on a new story and if anyone knows of any – holla atta sista’! (Seriously, let me know!)

The Lion and the Mouse (web)

This week is also big because I started a new Facebook page to keep everyone up to date with art links and updates. Check it out at

And that’s all for me now. Cue a long drum roll and please welcome this week’s featured artist – Leo Villareal and the….





This is a huge public art installation in San Francisco that uses 25,000 LED lights to display a variety of undulating designs every single night for the next two years.  Check out this video to see it in motion

I know. AMAZING! My husband and I are heading out to San Francisco later this year and I can’t wait to see it in person. 🙂

Leo Villareal (pronounced Vee-lah-REE-al) is a New York based artist commissioned to create the Bay Light Project to commemorate the Bay Bridge’s 75th anniversary (technically two years ago, but who’s counting?). This installation is over a mile long and is hanging by suspension cords off the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. Not the Golden Gate bridge, but the Bay Bridge.

The installation creates abstract shapes and sequences inspired by water, traffic and motion patterns specific to this location. The patterns are then input into a special program using a computer algorithm created specially by Villareal–then a bunch of technical wizardry happens—then HOCUS-POCUS! The computer sequences are translated onto the bridge in real time. (Wow!) Check out his website because he’s awesome and you have to!