Upcoming Watercolor Class

Because so many of you messaged me that you really, really wanted to paint this project, but couldn’t last time due to scheduling conflicts, I am offering it again this Saturday May 23rd from 10-12:30PM. So get excited, you can still paint your wreath!

This springtime wreath is quickly becoming a favorite project of mine because it really showcases the beauty of the watercolor medium. It looks complex, but is actually quite simple. It’s one of those projects that will ‘WOW’ your friends.

Floral Wreath (web)

This project is 8″x 8″ square, so it is larger than most class projects. All for the same $25 price! Below is an example of the project in a square, white frame (frame not included with class).



Click on the “Watercolor Class” tab above and scroll down to the sign up sheet to register for the class!


And just for fun, here are a few projects that have appeared in the ol’ studio lately…

Parthenon (web)

The Parthenon

The story behind this one is very personal to me. When I first moved to Nashville, I did a lot of soul searching in Centennial Park. I had just finished my BFA degree, left my family, had no job and no clue what to do with my life. I kept asking myself the same questions over and over: How do artists support themselves? Is there any real value in art?

Recently, I found myself pondering these same questions and it reminded me of this park and all the comfort it provided during that time – the calm reflections in the water, the ducks swimming around–ducks who clearly knew knew their place in life. All of it inspired me to do this painting….and include the ducks. 😉

Norwood (web)

The Lakehouse

This house portrait was commissioned by Erin Norwood for her mom’s birthday. I thought that was so sweet I told her I would paint it like it was for my own mother. So that’s what I did. I filled it with extra color, warmth and love.

Angela Ryal (web)

“My First Home”

Closing gift for 1410 Realty Group. I love the sweet details in this home. They fill it with so much character and personality–like the porch swing and the cute, little dog decoration by the front door. Adorable!

Jacksons (web)

Closing gift for 1410 Realty Group.

6133 Tuckaleelee Ln (web)

Closing gift for 1410 Realty Group.

You made it to the end! Thanks and have a wonderful week!

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