Viator House Portrait

Family. The joy of the holiday season always comes down to family.

The Viator family is a wonderful example of this. Their house is lined with photos of loved ones and their rooms are filled with trinkets and knickknacks – each with its own memory. Everywhere you stand you feel like you’re part of something special.

When I was commissioned to work on this painting, I heard many wonderful stories from them- from the Grinch that visits every year, to the birthday parties painting boxes, to the homemade wreaths the grandkids make to decorate for Christmas. It was a treat to hear their stories. I will treasure the experience forever. 🙂

From the beginning, their house evolved as a joint project between the architect and the Viators. They didn’t have a set blueprint before they started, instead they let the house develop its own personality and they witnessed it grow into something truly great – Well done!

Viator (edit)

Besides just a house portrait, this painting was about the family as well. Below is a close up of the grandkids….We thought it’d be fun to add in a few extra details like their wedding date for the grandkids to find later (like a game!). 🙂

Thumbnail 1

And here’s a close up of the porch…and the porch swing, and the wind chimes, and the angel sitting on the steps, and everything else that makes this a wonderful porch – a place you want to sit in.

Thumbnail 2

And another picture of Lisa’s grandson and dog (cause they’re cute!)….

Thumbnail 3

And a close up of Lisa’s daughter and son-in-law. The two lucky individuals who got married in this house!

Thumbnail 4

There are so many more layers and fun things about this piece. A special thank you to the Viators for letting me be a fly on the wall and hear your stories. I love that this became more about your stories than just about a “painting.” 🙂 Let me end with the comments Lisa made on Facebook about it (because they made my day!).

“I love, love, love it. From my folks (the great grands), me and Mick, our 3 girls and 1 son-in-law, and our 3 grandchildren and 2 dogs – it turned out just as I imagined. Magical and sweet and showcasing our house and home. Thanks Tracie Grace…you are wonderful and I am so happy and delighted.”

That, my friends, is priceless. 🙂 Another reason why art is my favorite thing in the world. Let me know if you have a painting you’ve been thinking about commissioning. I’d love to work with you and do this again.

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