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New watercolor house portrait for Stephen Strickhausen at 1410 Realty Group. Congrats to the “Riser” family and to Stephen for all of his hard work!!!

Risers (web)

I need YOUR HELP to spread the word to any realtors, friends or family you think might be interested. Remember the nice real estate agent who helped you buy or sell your home? These portraits would make great gifts to his clients and I need your help to let them know they exist!


This cute little lamb is PUBLISHED! (Ah! Kinda freaking outt!!!)


Check out “The Bible Rhymes” by Jotham McCauley HERE. It comes in both web and mobile versions.

It was such a wonderful opportunity to work with McCauley on this project and I’m so proud of him for getting it done and out there. He has put 10 books of the Bible to rhyme and has high ambitions to do all of them. The two illustrations I did are both in the book of “John.” So check that out, but also check out all the other books while you’re there.

*If the link above doesn’t work, copy and paste this link in your browser


The NEXT CLASS SESSION IS FULL! Thank you to everyone who signed up for September 4th or 6th. We’ll be painting another round of TREES!

Trees (web)

*The next class will be in October with a fun, fall-related project. So stay tuned and come join us!


That’s all for now. Thank you for following my work and being so supportive. REMEMBER, please spread the word this week and share these house portraits with your friends. I know it’s shameless to ask, but it’s so true, I need YOUR HELP! How else will anyone know?

If they have questions just direct them to this website ( There’s a “House Portraits” tab here with more information.You guys are seriously the best and I wish I could hug each of you in pure gratitude! <3

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